miércoles, 10 de marzo de 2010

no one

ooh god
damn damn damn

fuck i'm so sick

i'm tired. but

tired? why?
is simple, just nothing


what's your problem?

mine? what's yours!

again i don't feel ready

so am i ready?
do you really believe am i?

you know .... ready?

don't say me "you can" or something. i'm not an stupid North American guy

i'll like talk, read and feel the british english is so i don't know so awesome...

OK: VBloggers

Raywilliamjohnson (fake & gay)

shanedawson (he is emo, but funny xD)

Alineación a la izquierda meekakitty (special mention for being so "redhead" :P) [and obviously funny]

i don't put links because

that is really


i'm kind of upset...

take a note

oook byebye

Lost 6x07, i'm waiting the 720p HDTV version for watch it xP


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