domingo, 20 de septiembre de 2009


Ok, i'm going to try this...

i was losing my time, the last 10 years, I heard about Coldplay but i never did, listen his music

Now i have the Discography and the Videography...

now they are on the list: "should be buy, an original Disc"

Like Sigur Ròs and Within Temptation or Paramore are...

But anything of this was important 2 year ago, ok maybe 3 years...

3 years ago, it was'nt me at all. I did'nt know anything about myself

OK, today i can't say "i perfectly know myself" but is more than that,i know i can feel what i want, i can understand myself more than ever. Even a few times, i can feel happy with myself

I can say "I miss you" but i'm thinking about 5 people no 4...

I miss you... (Twice)

Mischief done -Nux- [;)]

2 comentarios:

  1. increible y hermoso... me encanta ke puedas hablar asi de ti ...te amo longi.

  2. hasta k al fin coldplay ilumino tu vida!
    y k bueno k por fin te conectaste cn tigo =) o algo asi =P
    te kero amiguito menso mañoso cn sus gatos!